New! Mastering Digital Products and Email Marketing webinar

Who is this Webinar for?

This course is ideal for service-based ventures of all stages (start-up, early-stage, and established) looking to expand their online presence, increase sales, and engage more effectively with their audiences through digital products and email marketing.

Content Overview:

This value-packed webinar teaches you how to grow your business by selling a product on automation through only two stages, Having a digital product and an email Marketing platform set up.

This webinar takes you through both stages giving you practical advice as well as strategy. This course is designed for service-based ventures (start-ups, early-stage, and established businesses) seeking to expand their online offerings and enhance their sales through effective digital strategies.

Hosted by Sally Wadhwa, an expert in web design and digital marketing, this course offers actionable insights and practical steps to transform your knowledge into profitable digital products and build a robust email marketing strategy.

Part 1 - Monetising know-how through digital products:

  • Understanding what a digital product is and why it's essential for your business
  • Exploring various digital product formats suitable for different business types
  • Avoiding the three biggest mistakes people make when creating digital products
  • Building and engaging an audience using digital products

Part 2 - Building and growing an email list of buyers:

  • Understanding what Email Marketing is and its benefits for your business
  • Leveraging Email Marketing to increase sales and automate your marketing efforts
  • Utilizing Tags, Groups, and Segmentation for effective email campaigns
  • Selecting the best tools and ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Avoiding the three biggest mistakes when starting an email list

Your host:

Sally Wadhwa’s online expertise has been benefitting individuals and businesses for more than a decade:

“I was stuck knowing how to turn into ideas to support students with careers advice into a digital business I could run whilst doing my day job. Sally worked with me to create workshops and courses that now sell on automation. We also worked on audience building and I was getting over 50 signups for my free webinars.

I’m overjoyed my side business is making me money without hours of work.”

~Susan Smith, Degree Apprenticeship Careers Advisor

“The biggest change in my business has taken place in the year I’ve worked with Sally Wadhwa at The Fearless Tech Lounge. I was impressed by the fact she immediately took on board the various diverse strands of my business and, by the end of our meeting, had already roughed out a plan to digitise and automate so much of what I was doing. She has devised, developed and set in action sales funnels, mailing campaigns and digitisation of many of my products. She has also laid the groundwork and coached me for when I’m ready to put my courses online. She’s created exactly the passive income sources I sought to achieve.”

~ Marilyn Messik, Copywriter, Author, Speaker at Create Communication.

Please note: The webinar may be recorded, however, having your Camera and microphone on is optional.

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Wenta Webinar FAQ

How can I book onto a webinar? 

Webinars are booked online via using Eventbrite as the booking system. You do not need an account but you will need to provide your contact details to make a booking.  

Will I receive reminder emails? 

You will receive a confirmation email at the time of booking. Reminder emails are sent 2 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes before the event.  

When will I receive the link to join the webinar? 

Your reminder emails will contain the link to join the webinar. There are no passwords to join, you just need to click the link. 

What time do I need join? 

We start the webinars at the time advertised, we recommend you log in a few minutes early to ensure you do not miss any of the content.  

Will I be able to ask questions? 

If you would like to ask questions you can do by using the chat box or the “raise your hand” feature.

Can I watch back the webinar? 

All webinars are recorded you so can catch up anything you may have missed.

Will I be able to turn off my microphone and camera? 

As we record our webinars it’s optional if you would like to have your camera and microphone on. However, you can ask questions throughout the session using the chat box.

Will I get a copy of the slides? 

After each webinar, a copy of the slides and recording is sent to all delegates that were in attendance.



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