Email Marketing - How To Build and Grow an Email List of Buyers For Your Small Business: Webinar

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Email Marketing: How to build and grow an email list of buyers for your small business

About this event

Who is this Webinar for?

This webinar is ideal for any serviced-based venture (start-up, early-stage and established), wishing to learn how to make more sales and impact through email marketing.

It will be hosted by our partner Sally Wadhwa, who has been providing online expertise for over a decade.


This webinar will cover how managers and micro-ventures can integrate an email marketing strategy within their business development activities, so they can gain and nurture leads, and create more sales via an automated process.

An insightful introduction to creating a powerful, automated promotional campaign alongside and through your social channels that will:

  • Give you more control over raising and enhancing profile
  • Help you to engage more effectively with your audiences
  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Better enable conversion of sales opportunities

This Webinar looks at

- What email marketing is and how it can benefit your business

- How email marketing can increase sales and work on automation

- How to make the most of Tags, Groups and Segmentation to create email marketing campaigns

- The best tools and how to make sure you are staying compliant with GDPR

- The 3 biggest mistakes people make when they start their email list and how to avoid them


Wenta Webinar FAQ

How can I book onto a webinar? 

Webinars are booked online via using Eventbrite as the booking system. You do not need an account but you will need to provide your contact details to make a booking.  

Will I receive reminder emails? 

You will receive a confirmation email at the time of booking. Reminder emails are sent 2 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes before the event.  

When will I receive the link to join the webinar? 

Your reminder emails will contain the link to join the webinar. There are no passwords to join, you just need to click the link. 

What time do I need join? 

We start the webinars at the time advertised, we recommend you log in a few minutes early to ensure you do not miss any of the content.  

Will I be able to ask questions? 

If you would like to ask questions you can do by using the chat box or the “raise your hand” feature.

Can I watch back the webinar? 

All webinars are recorded you so can catch up anything you may have missed.

Will I be able to turn off my microphone and camera? 

As we record our webinars it’s optional if you would like to have your camera and microphone on. However, you can ask questions throughout the session using the chat box.

Will I get a copy of the slides? 

After each webinar, a copy of the slides and recording is sent to all delegates that were in attendance.

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