An introduction to Microsoft Excel - Key Functionalities: Webinar

About this event

Who is this Webinar for?

This webinar is ideal for anyone who would like to learn the basics of using Microsoft excel for your business.

From conditional formatting to formulas, there is a wide range of key skills to learn within Excel to allow you to utilise it for key business activities, such as data reporting and viewing potential trends within your business activity.


You will have the opportunity to learn the key functionalities of using excel and how it can be useful for data gathering & reporting. Hosted by our partner Diego Morales Vela, during this webinar Diego will cover various aspects of using excel, including the following:

  • Conditional formatting:

a. Highlighting specific values such as Top 10 % / Below Average

b. Data Bars / Icon Sets / Color Scales

c. User Defined Rules

d. Data Quality Assurance

  • Pivot Tables
  • Excel Tips:

a. Remove Duplicates

b. Text to Column

c. Groupings

  • Absolute Vs Relative References (ARR)
  • Formulas / Expressions in Excel:

a. Syntax


c. SUMIF()


e. IF()

It is advised that having a computer with excel will be beneficial during this webinar to allow you to maximise your learnings from the event.

Your Host

This webinar will be hosted by Diego Morales Vela, an expert on Microsoft Excel, having 20 years of experience as well as providing training for around three years.

Please note: The webinar may be recorded, however, having your Camera and microphone on is optional.

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