Global Entrepreneur Week 2021 at the btc Stevenage

GEW2021 8th – 12th November #GEW21Stevenage

This November, Global Entrepreneurship Week brings together over 10 million people to celebrate entrepreneurship and start up culture, with 40,000 events planned across 180 countries.

Supporting the entrepreneurial community with a whole week of activities in recognition of the theme ‘Ecosystems’, Wenta and the btc Stevenage aim to inspire community collaboration and networking, celebrating the shared challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship communities and hubs around the world.

These activities are designed not only to support the GEW2021 Ecosystem theme, but also to support the local Stevenage ecosystem, policy, education and inclusion.

These activities also support overcoming the main barriers to entrepreneurship:
• Access to capital
• Inadequate skills and training
• Weak support system
• Regulatory or policy barriers
• Access to markets
• Cultural and mindset barriers

Here is a list of the GEW2021 activities taking place:

Set up your online shop with google digital garage - webinar
8th November: How to set up your small business - webinar
9th November: Business planning for your small business – webinar
9th November: Cashflow management for your small business – webinar
11th November: Social Media For your small business – webinar
11th November: Content marketing for your small business – webinar
12th November: Financial Management For my business – workshop @btc Stevenage

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