Triple win for businesses at the btc

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Three businesses based at the btc have been awarded three separate grants by Stevenage Borough Council.

The Stevenage Business Grant, an initiative launched by Stevenage Borough Council to strengthen the vitality of Stevenage’s local economy, is split into three separate grants: £2,500, £1,500 and £800.

This year, all three winners of the Stevenage Business Grants are businesses that are based at the btc’s business incubation facility which provides shared workspace and on-site business advice for new business start-ups.

The Stevenage Business Grants were awarded to the applicants who best demonstrated their vision for economic growth within Stevenage. Each finalist pitched their ideas to a panel from Stevenage Borough Council who scored their business plan and their intended use of the grant funding.

The winner of the first placed prize was Chloe Prior (pictured) for her business Dignity LC Services, a service that installs and supplies accessible bathrooms and kitchens for the elderly and disabled. Chloe enthusiastically accepted the grant, stating:

"Dignity LC Services are very happy to have won the Stevenage Business Support Grant, funds which will be used to support our new product launch and the development of a new electric prototype. The support that we received from Wenta and the btc, throughout the application and pitching process was a tremendous help. Thank you very much for your ongoing business support."

Dan Read, Founding Scientist and CEO of Cyanetics received the second business grant. Cyanetics develop innovative industrial bioprocesses to produce high-value chemicals from waste gases, achieved by utilising renewable energy sources. Their mission is to help solve some of the world’s most serious economic and environmental challenges by reducing the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels.

In third place was Hannah Rees, Founder and Director of AIM Sales and Marketing. AIM are a fully inclusive creative marketing agency providing comprehensive marketing support for small, medium and large businesses.

Hannah stated:
“We are delighted to have been awarded a grant from Stevenage Borough Council, the grant will be utilised for much needed equipment and spent with accredited bodies for specialist staff training, both new equipment and training will be beneficial for the team and to our customers.”

Alex Shoobert is the full-time Business Advisor based within the btc’s business incubator. She provides on-site advice and support to the hundreds of businesses that call the btc ‘home’. For the past several years, Alex has been working alongside each of the winners to help them develop their business plan and their long-term strategy.

Alex stated:
“Congratulations to all three winners, each of which thoroughly deserve the recognition and support that Stevenage Borough Council are providing. We are so proud of these businesses and delighted to be a part of their success story. They each truly encapsulate what it is to be an entrepreneur: their drive, dedication and talent are an inspiration to us all."

“This is a fantastic moment for the btc. We strive to be the centre of innovation within Stevenage and inspire enterprise within the hundreds of businesses that call the btc home. These successful grant pitches really demonstrate the quality within the btc and within Stevenage as a whole.”

Congratulations Chloe, Dan and Hannah! 

“"The support that we received from Wenta and the btc, throughout the application and pitching process was a tremendous help. Thank you very much for your ongoing business support."”

Chloe Prior, Dignity LC Services

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