Herts Fire and Rescue Service at Wenta's Stevenage business centre to give fire safety advice

Herts Fire and Rescue Service are at Wenta's Stevenage business centre, The Business & Technology Centre (btc), 13th September to give fire safety advice.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service are offering businesses fire safety advice as part of the National Fire Chiefs Council's (NFCC's) Business Fire Safety Week 2019.

The campaign runs from 9th - 15th September and aims to provide those with responsibility for businesses and public buildings with information and advice to reduce the number of fire incidents & false alarms in the workplace, both of which impact business safety and productivity.

The week encourages all businesses to ensure they have taken the steps required by law to protect their business and employees from fire. Advice will also be given on risk assessments, preventing arson attacks and where relevant advice for premises with sleeping accommodation adjacent or above them.

The lead up to Christmas can be a busy time for businesses so NFCC are calling on people to take the opportunity now to review risk assessments and escape plans in preparation for Christmas as they may take on extra stock and new or seasonal staff. 

“Statistics show that in 2017-18 there were 19,033 fires in UK businesses with about 30% (5,293) being deliberately set.”

Herts Fire and Safety Service

In the UK electrical fires account for around 33% of accidental fires in the workplace. These fires can be due to electrical faults or misuse of electrical equipment. A rise in these fires is seen during the Christmas period.

By law, employers should make sure equipment is installed, maintained and used correctly, whether it is owned or leased by the business.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is working with businesses to keep the burden of fire safety to a minimum by assisting them to meet the minimum standards required for their premises.

They will be attending a number of business engagement events around the county in the coming weeks to promote improved fire safety in the workplace. On the 13th September, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service will be on-hand at our Stevenage business centre, The Business & Technology Centre (btc) on Bessemer Drive to inform and advise businesses on best practice fire safety.

For more information, contact the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service directly:

E: administration.cfs@hertfordshire.gov.uk

T: 01707 292310

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