Another artwork sold at Wenta’s Enterprise Centre in Potters Bar

The latest press release from Herts Visual Arts:

Despite the current difficult times we live in, art remains an important focus for many people including businesses who use the edifying messaging that the art piece provides, whether motivational, inspirational or making a statement.

In Wenta’s Enterprise Centre in Potters Bar, HVA artists remain a feature helping to provide interest to the walls of the Business Centre.

“We are delighted to be able to support local businesses in this way,” says Chairperson, Hillary Taylor, “It’s a great opportunity for business professionals to deal directly with our experts and creative artists”.”

The most recent sale is a beautiful glasswork piece created by talented glass artists Sharon Korek, who produces fabulous glass artworks which are very different and stylish.

Figure 1: The Tree Wide Web

“This wall plaque is called ‘The Tree Wide Web’ and explores the way that trees effectively communicate with each other as well as with fungi, mycorrhiza and other micro-organisms, through their roots and the soil, says Sharon, “I love how the medium of glass can be used to create something that is a joy to make, is lovely to look at and has a message about nature and the environment.I hope the new owner derives as much pleasure from The Tree Wide Web as I had in creating it!””

Figure 2: Sharon Korek

A mix of professional and amateur artists have come together in support of Wenta’s ongoing work to develop relationships within the local Herts community, an initiative at the Potter’s Bar Business Centre and at the btc in Stevenage.

Each of the participating artists are members of HVA (Herts Visual Arts) with a portfolio of work within the gallery pages of the HVA website. The range of expertise on display ranges from glassware to textiles, oils and acrylic paint and a variety of styles from figurative, landscape, abstract and portraiture.

To find out more about HVA, please visit their website at 

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