Action Zero Journey: Pearldrop

Action Zero Journey: Pearldrop

Denise Austin, director of Pearldrop has been receiving net zero support from Wenta since September 2022.

Pearldrop are a digital production company, producing top-quality videos and animations for websites, to target clients marketing, training and broadcast needs. Here, Denise manages all projects as well as the daily running of Pearldrop.

As a business who have been operating for over 20 years, Denise approached us in relation to Net Zero guidance with interest to introducing a sustainability policy. They found that clients are increasingly asking to see this, and as an organisation, Pearldrop want to look after the planet. In addition, it is crucial to be aware of the government’s Net Zero target and work with everyone to reduce the impact of climate change on us all.

As a result, Denise joined Wenta's Action Zero service, where she was eligible for an upgrade to the Gold membership courtesy of Stevenage Borough Council. Denise received expert guidance as well as a range of skills training webinars and E-learning modules, as part of her Gold membership, Denise is able to benefit from tailored coaching sessions looking at the business’ carbon footprint, receiving personalised reports focused on reducing their emissions.

Denise agrees that it is crucial for businesses to consider their sustainability and carbon footprint to ensure they can work on reducing the impact on our climate. This is particularly true when considering how larger entities already have regulations they must comply with in relation to contributing in achieving the Net Zero target, this is likely to impact SME’s in the near future.

Our Net Zero & Business advisors have been in regular contact with Denise Austin to provide her with on going support with her business, covering all areas of their net zero requirements. Wenta and Denise have been working together to manage her journey across all the specialist content available as part of her Gold membership.

We are very pleased to be a part of Pearldrop’s Action Zero journey, and are excited to carry on guiding Denise with her business.

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